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The best text I have ever received

Wow goals
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That’s what I need for my school supplies
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English Bulldog puppy at the sea

this dog is also me

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"Why are we embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in all the noise?"
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie  (via 90377)

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July 24th

Waking up next to you.
It’s all I want to do to start my day. Opening my eyes and knowing you’re right there is comforting. I see you next to me and you’re so beautiful, it’s too hard not to stare. I don’t think anyone sleeps as beautifully and as serene as you do. No matter the day, I will let you sleep in because I know there were nights where sleep was impossible. I snuggle you tighter sometimes to make sure you have no bad dreams. I can only hope I can wake up to you every morning. Because, holy crap it’s the most amazing way to start to my day.

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"Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside."
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Meet the Mona Lisa of the Prado, the earliest known copy of Da Vinci’s best portrait. Similarity in the undersketch of the painting indicates that this was very likely painted concurrently with the original Mona Lisa, by a student of Da Vinci.
There is much controversy in the art world over the question of whether or not to clean the fragile Mona Lisa, but her sister has been restored and some fairly odd later alterations removed to show the original vibrant colors and lighting. Some details, such as the sheerness of her shawl and the pattern on the neckline of her dress, have become utterly obscured in the original, but in the restored copy they’re perfectly clear.
It blows my mind a little bit to look at these two sisters side-by-side and imagine how much vivid detail could be hiding in the Mona Lisa under 500 years of rotten varnish. 


Your response to a beautiful piece of artwork done by Leonardo Da Vinci himself is “SHES GOT EYEBROWS”. Alright. All intelligent life has been lost.

Yo Snooty McSnotwhine, the Mona Lisa’s vanished eyebrows have been the subject of debate and analysis in the art expert community for hundreds of years, long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together. 

this continues to be the best reply to a criticizing comment on this site
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Stripes U-neck Cotton T-shirtHigh Wasit Rolled Cuff Denim Shorts
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low key as fuck

still fucking amazed by this man

I would marry this man
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#raiseawareness #realcatshavecurves [wolfosaurus]

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July 23rd

When you grab my waist to kiss me. I melt.

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you got a fuckin problem officer 
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